Russell Moccasin


It used to be that all men’s shoes were made by hand and were expected to last a lifetime.


Russell Moccasin was originally established in 1898, when Will Russell first started making boots for local hunters and loggers.

More than a hundred years later, the company still makes everything by hand and still strives to live up to the same standards. Located in a small building in Berlin, Wisconsin, the company, with only thirty-six employees, produces twelve to thirteen thousand shoes a year. Despite a huge demand from their customers, Russell Moccasin refuses to grow the company any bigger than it is. By doing so, they are able to keep an extremely high level of quality. Unfortunately this means that when a customer places an order for a pair of shoes the wait can sometimes take up to four months.

My brother and I each ordered a pair of moccasins. The order consisted of having our feet measured and then choosing the model and all the options we wanted our moccasins to have. What was truly impressive was that no matter what we asked for, they were willing to do it.

Everything could be made to order, from a choice of soles; the type of leather used on different parts of the shoe; to the color and material of the eyelets. They even noted that my brother had one foot that was slightly wider then the other and that they would have to resize his pair accordingly. (This is actually very common and the reason why so many people often struggle to find shoes that fit them properly). The shoes that Russell Moccasin makes for you are truly one offs that will last a lifetime. They even provide a repair and resoling service, as your shoes get older.

As our society becomes more and more accustomed to disposable products, and shoes that are expected to last for only a season, it’s wonderful to know that there are still companies that offer products that meet the highest level of craftsmanship.






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